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Las Vegas, Nevada


IncisoArt Hand Etched 25 Ounce Champions Beer Mug 
Sandblasted (Sand Carved) Engraved Handmade Glass Stein 
by Amorpax Inc
- 25 Ounce, 7.12 Inch Tall, 5.62 Inch Diameter, Weighs 3 Pounds
- Lead free 
- Heavy glass 
- Handmade in the US 
- Manufactured in the US 
- Highly chip resistant 
- Safe edge round rim technology 
- Signed and dated (with paw print and year) hid below the handle 
- Custom designs and personalized engravings available 
- Dishwasher safe beer mugs but hand washing is recommended 
Sandblasting (sand carving) cuts deep and permanently while laser etched or printed items tend to fade. Sandblasting gives the best and sharpest cut into glass or crystal so its much more noticeable than laser with a richer, and much more dimensional presentation. 
Each design is freehand drawn and all stencils are skillfully cut by hand, then each piece is sandblasted individually. To ensure the authenticity and preserve the timeless value of the art, each individual piece is signed and dated. 
Makes a wonderful centerpiece since the etching are visible on all sides. Designs wrap around adding stunning depth and beauty. 
Amorpax Inc offers many different designs, colors, and similar products that will enliven your home or kitchen. Thanks for looking!


-- Angel Gabriel's Horn
-- Animal Forest Mountain Combo 
-- Aquatic Animal Ocean Combo
-- Bat Spider
-- Bear Forest Mountain
-- Cannabis Leaf 
-- Cat Angel
-- Cat Paw
-- Celtic Dragon Celtic Knot
-- Deer Forest Mountain
-- Dog Angel
-- Dog Paw
-- Dolphin Waves Sea Shell
-- Dragonfly Grass
-- Fairy Mushroom
-- Golf Scene
-- Heron Bird Cattails
-- Kokopelli Southwestern Tribal Dancer Desert
-- Mermaid Dolphin Waves
-- Moose Forest Mountain
-- Mystical Dragon Clouds
-- Oak Leaves Acorn Nuts
-- Owl Forest Mountain
-- Pigs Flying Over Clouds
-- Praying Mantis Grass
-- Sea Turtles Waves
-- Sun Moon Shooting Stars Planet
-- Tropical Fish Sea Shell Seaweed
-- Trout Fish Forest 
-- UFO Forest Mountain
-- Wolf Moon Forest Mountain


IncisoArt Hand Etched 25oz Champions Beer Mug Sandblasted Carved Trout Fish